Amazon Company Profile

Amazon is an E-commerce giant from America having presence in several countries all over the world and when it comes to internet based selling it is at the top position due to the sheer volume of sales done daily by the company. The market cap of Amazon is close to 400 billion dollars in the year 2017 and it is one of the most valued companies of S&P index, given below is the company profile of Amazon –

  1. Established Date and Year – It’s established date is 5th July and the year was 1994
  2. Employee Strength – The employee strength is somewhere between 225000 to 235000
  3. Area of Operations or business – Its main area of business is electronic commerce where thousands of products are sold through its platform to the customers spread all over the world and also with amazon prime they are offering online TV shows and movies to its customers
  4. Headquarters of Amazon – Seattle, Washington
  5. Founder of Amazon – Jeff Bezos
  6. Competitors – Competitors of Amazon are companies like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, eBay and many other online e-commerce sites which are regional players spread across the world.
  7. Subsidiaries of Amazon – Some of the subsidiaries of Amazon are Abebooks Zappos, Shopbop, junglee, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, IMDb and much more.
  8. Company Websitewww.
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