Augmented Product Examples

Dictionary meaning of augment is to expand or enhance something and in the case of marketing augmented product means company or marketer offering enhanced product or service to its customers. In simple words, it is similar to the customer asking for a boat ride and getting cruise ride from the company at the same price. In order to understand more about augmented product let’s look at some of the examples of Augmented products –

  1. When one goes to buy a Laptop and the company provides laptop carry bag for free along with the purchase of a laptop or providing wireless keyboard and mouse along with the purchase of a laptop is an example of augmented product.
  2. A television manufacturer giving 5 years warranty on a panel of LCD and LED televisions is a case of augmented product as the customer is getting a free warranty for 5 years in the price of LCD or LED television.
  3. A salon or beauty parlor giving free facial along with hair cutting is an example of an augmented product where free facial is the augmented product and hair cutting is the actual product.
  4. A bank giving a free credit card and debit card with accidental insurance when one opens saving bank account than a credit card and debit card are augmented product as far as the new customers of the bank are concerned.
  5. A telecom operator or company providing free SMS and free data with normal voice calling plan to its customers is an example of augmented product as customers are getting SMS and data free with the actual product which is a voice calling as far telecom service is concerned.
  6. In the case of cars if the car dealer provides free service for 2 years instead of 1 year and also gives free music system along with the purchase of car then this extra 1-year service as well music system is part of augmentation done by the car dealer on the actual product which is the car.
  7. When you go to a restaurant on your birthday for the party and the restaurant manager arranges for birthday cake at no cost than this act of restaurant manager of giving free cake is an example of augmented product.
  8. Online shopping websites offering free home delivery to its customers or offering something extra like giving SD card or screen guard with the purchase of mobile or providing free annual subscription of applications like music, movies or magazines on the purchase of kindles and so on.

As one can see from the above that augmented product is a marketing technique aimed at increasing the satisfaction of consumer and making the experience of the consumer with the company a memorable one.

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