Demand Draft Charges

When one go to bank for making demand draft one should always enquire about the charges for making DD because many people commit this mistake of filling the cheque with only demand draft amount and not including the charges and therefore they have to make another cheque. One can make demand draft in 2 ways either through cash or through his or her bank account.

Demand draft cash charges – When one makes DD by cash then charges are higher it is usually between 40 to 90 rupees till 10000 and goes up according to demand draft value.

DD Charges if one makes it from bank account – If one makes DD in the bank in which he or she has the account then charges will be lower because it is made directly from his or her bank account. These charges differ from one bank to another and one should check them with the bank itself.

Hence one can see that it is beneficial for one to make demand draft from the bank in which his or her account is there because of lower charges and also if one wants to cancel the DD then also he or she can do it easily which is not the case with demand draft which is made in cash.

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