Difference between Warranty and Guarantee

While buying a product majority of consumers looks for durability of product, in simple words they want to know whether or not a product will work for long period of time and if that product is defective than whether the producer of a product is willing to repair or replace that product. However people are confused between warranty and guarantee, given below are some of the differences between warranty and guarantee –

  1. While guarantee refers to that promise which states that if a product is defective than manufacturer will either repair or replace that product with new, while warranty refers to promise that if a product is defective than seller will make all efforts to repair it. In other words guarantee is more powerful than warranty as it gives the right to consumer to get good replaced (apart from getting it repaired) in case of any defect.
  2. A guarantee is normally given by manufacturers whereas the warranty is provided by retail sellers or distributors.
  3. Guarantee is usually free which is not the case with warranty as consumers have to give extra if they want to enjoy the benefits of warranty. In real life many laptops come with free 1 year warranty but if you want to extend it for more than 1 year than you have to pay extra for it.

Above was general differences apart from above different companies and countries have different provisions and laws with respect to warranty and guarantee and hence consumers should carefully study them before buying any good.

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