E Banking Services

E – Banking popularity has risen very fast over the past few years and nowadays the young generation prefers those banks which provide this facility and that is the reason why majority of banks are providing this facility when you open an account with the bank. E – Banking provides whole gamuts of services, given below are some of the services which fall under E – Banking –

  1. Internet Banking – Under this an individual can make various transactions like payment of telephone bills, electricity bills, online shopping etc.., by using the internet from home without going anywhere and hence it makes the life of an individual easier.
  2. Mobile Banking – In this age where almost everyone has mobile now banks are offering mobile banking where the customer can check the account balance, transact in equity markets, even make payments of utility bills using mobile phone and thus eliminate the need to  go to bank for normal activities.
  3. Automated Teller Machines or ATM – ATM enables the customer to withdraw money at any time even when the banks are closed and thus in case of emergencies it is a great boon for the customers as they can use ATM to withdraw money even if its late in the night and that is the reason why every bank gives these cards to the account holder because it has become a necessity rather than a luxury.
  4. Credit Cards – Credit cards are plastic cards which can be used by the individuals for making payments and hence it do away with the need of carrying cash. Another feature of this is that even if the customer does not have the balance in his or her account then also he or she can use credit card because under it one can buy now and pay later.
  5. Debit Cards – By using this facility customer can make purchases without paying cash, however a customer should have balance in his or her bank account which distinguishes it from credit card where no balance is required.
  6. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Under this a customer can transfer directly money from one bank account to another bank account though electronic means and hence it eliminates the use of cheques or drafts.

Apart from above services it also includes services like telephone banking, RTGS transfer and so on.

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