Features of Investment

Investment is something most people do not understand, many people have vague understanding about this term and they tend to think saving as equivalent to investment which is not the case because if one just save money than it will not generate any return. Given below are some of the features of investment which will help one understand it better –

  1. It is never done for short period of time; it is always lone term process where you have to keep investing for years before expecting good return from it.
  2. It requires patience and discipline from an individual who is investing and people who dream of becoming rich overnight can never do investment.
  3. It is not necessary that you need millions of dollars to invest; it can be started even with small amount which implies that this avenue is for everybody.
  4. It does not require any PhD degree in finance, and if one thinks that only knowledgeable people can do investment than they are wrong. History is filled with examples where intelligent people have done more mistakes while investing than normal people.
  5. Investment is always done for the future and not for present, and in doing that one may have to sacrifice his or her current superfluous expenses.
  6. Investing is a habit and the more early you develop this habit the better it will be for you and yours family future.
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