How to Deposit a Cheque

Depositing a cheque can be a problem if one does not have any idea how to deposit a cheque in the bank. It is simple to deposit a cheque in the bank, one has to fill up pay in slip in which details of cheque such as name of the account holder, name of the branch, cheque number, date of the cheque, amount etc are to be filled up. Once you have filled all the details than you can deposit a cheque in the bank.  There are 4 ways of depositing a cheque –

  1. One can personally deposit the cheque on banks counter and obtain receipt on counterfoil of pay in slip.
  2. The cheque can be dropped in the drop box which is available at all branches at the entrance of branch of bank.
  3. Cheque can also be deposited in ATM of the concerned bank where also drop box facility is available.
  4. One can send the cheque through post to concerned bank also.
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