Impulse Buying Meaning

Impulse buying is done by all of us without knowing that we actually are doing it. It refers to purchasing of products and services without any plan and research about the product or service which you are purchasing. It can be better explained with the help of an example, suppose you go to multiplex with your friends to watch movie and that multiplex is in a shopping mall and when you are passing by a garment shop you see a t-shirt which is on display and you decide to buy it then it is considered as impulse buying.

All over the world the shopkeepers as well as marketers tend to exploit this behavior of consumers as impulse buyer very rarely does bargaining and never postpone the decision to buy as the whole idea of impulse buying is centered on instant purchasing by the consumer. Youngsters and kids are more likely to do impulse buying as compared to old and mature person age group.

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  • porwenomics

    none of us is free from the threshold of impulse buying

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