Advantages and Disadvantages of Line Organization

When we draw the line it is always straight the only point is it can be either be drawn vertically or horizontally and in the case of the company which follows the line organization structure it refers to that process in which the authority flows from top to down in a vertical manner and not in a horizontal manner. In order to understand more about line, organization let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of line organization-

Advantages of Line Organization

Simple to Understand

The first and foremost advantage of line organization is that it is very simple to understand and implement in the organization and hence there is no need to give extensive training to employees about the structure of organization as all employees will know that flow of authority will be in a line and that too from top to bottom so there is no ambiguity and confusion.

Fixing Accountability and Responsibility

Another benefit of line organization is that it is easier to make someone accountable and responsible for the task assigned to him or her so if any mistake happens one can easily pinpoint the person due to whom the mistake has happened and there is no scope for him or her putting blame on other persons of the company.

Quick Response Time

Since decisions are taken by the person at the top only the response time to any situation is quick and short besides there is a lot of flexibility due to the presence of single authority which makes it easier to respond to any situations which may arise from time to time.

Disadvantages of Line Organization

Lack of Specialization

The biggest disadvantage of line organization is that since it is one man show the lack of specialization is clearly visible in such type of organization as each job requires different skill to complete the job effectively and efficiently and one man cannot learn all the skills alone so there will be always that lack of knowledge or specialization in case of line organization.

No scope for Two Way Communication

Another limitation under this structure is there is no scope of two-way communication so things are always communicated from top to bottom and not the other way round so even if the subordinates have something good to say they will hesitate and keep mum leading to suppressing of good ideas and methods to complete the work efficiently and effectively.


Another disadvantage of line organization is that due to the presence of single authority the scope of favoritism and biased towards some employees increases leading to dissatisfaction among other employees and hostile working atmosphere within the company which in long run can be a disaster for the company.

As one can see from the above that line organization has both advantages, as well as disadvantages and any company thinking of applying this form of organization structure, should carefully analyze both the aspects and then take the decision.

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