Mexico Wall Advantages and Disadvantages

The moment Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America the talk of a wall being built on the US-Mexico border started gaining momentum. The issue of building a wall along the US-Mexico border will remain a hot topic for discussion because of the magnitude of work required to construct a wall and also the cost of the wall which is estimated to be between 21 to 22 billion dollars. In order to understand it better let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Mexico wall –

Advantages of Mexico Wall

  1. The biggest advantage of Mexico wall is that it will stop the illegal immigration coming from Mexico border because due to illegal immigration many other problems like drugs dealing, human trafficking and other illegal activities increases which leads to law and order problem and hence once the flow of illegal immigrants decreases due to wall the law and order problem will improve substantially and we all know that for any country to be considered as good first the citizens should feel safe in the country and the wall will be helping America in achieving that objective.
  2. Another merit of building a wall is that psychologically it creates a sense of security among the people of the country because consider an example where you are given two option wherein one option you are told to live in tent while in second option you are told to live in walled area then majority of people will choose the second option because all people want to live in protected environment.
  3. Another benefit of Mexico wall is that it will help the US government in saving a lot of costs associated with immigrants because immigrants tend to use the resources of America because if people come into the country they use all the resources and ultimately is the government which has to bear the economic and social burden of these people.

Disadvantages of Mexico Wall

  1. The biggest disadvantage of Mexico wall is that costs associated with building a wall because the cost of this wall is very high and the magnitude of cost can be gauged from the fact that it is even higher than the annual budget of NASA which is around 19 billion dollars.
  2. Another demerit of Mexico wall is that it will not stop illegal immigrants completely because many immigrants come from other routes and if the policy is not made to curb them from coming through those routes than this whole exercise will be futile. It’s like living in a house but still, the fear of thieves breaking in is always there in the same way building a wall is not full proof plan if the idea is to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country.
  3. Another disadvantage of building the wall is that it will create a wrong precedent because if all countries began to make walls on their borders than it can lead to unnecessary tensions between the nations which in turn can disrupt the peace of the world and also have negative impact on globalization

As one can see from the above that decision by Donald Trump to build wall along the US and Mexico border has its own pros and cons and it will be a debatable topic for years to come as this decision will have far-reaching consequences not only on US and Mexico but indirectly on the politics of the whole world.

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