Mistakes to Avoid while Doing Online Shopping

Online shopping is done by the majority of people all over the world due to its benefits and ease of doing it, but just like everything one cannot afford to make mistakes because if one makes mistake while doing online shopping then it can result in an unforgettable experience for the consumer. Given below are some of the mistakes which one should avoid while doing online shopping –

  1. The first mistake which many people make is to buy from any website and as far as the internet is concerned not all websites are genuine and trustworthy and if one transact with fake websites than chances of losing money or getting defective products increases. Hence one should research properly before placing an order at any website because placing an order at any website without checking its authenticity is like going to a highway on the bike without wearing a helmet.
  2. Another mistake while doing online shopping is not to read review of products which one intends to purchase from the website before placing the order because if one reads many reviews then he or she can get a fair idea about the quality of the product, product functions as well as its overall rating which can go a long way in influencing the decision of the buyer whether to buy or not buy a particular product from the website.
  3. Customers many times buy from the same website all the time without looking at offers available at other websites which in turn can lead to a loss of the customer as majority of times there are offers available for products on shopping websites which includes offers like price discounts, cash back scheme, complimentary gifts with product and many more. So for example, if one is thinking of buying mobile and one website is offering 10 percent price discount and another website is offering along with price discount a free SD card also with the mobile then it is better to buy from the website offering free SD card.
  4. Another mistake which is done by many online shoppers is to ignore the shipping cost or delivery charges which can lead to the loss of the customer because many times the shipping charges can be high as compared to the price of product making the deal expensive as compared to shopping the product from the local store. So for example, if the cost of soap is $10 and shipping charges are $5 and same soap is available at the local store at $12 then it is better to purchase the soap from a local store rather than buying it online.
  5. Another mistake is to not read the return policy or purchasing from those websites where return policy is not clear because if product turns out to be good then there is no issue but if product turns out to be defective then it can be very annoying for customer if return policy is not good and the whole shopping experience can turn out to be horrifying for the consumer.
  6. Another mistake which many shoppers make is to buy other products which they originally not intended to purchase, so for example if one is looking to buy laptop and he or she sees jeans on those shopping websites and end up buying jeans then this act of buying jeans by the consumer is a mistake as consumer went to shopping website to buy laptop and not jeans. Hence in a way online shopping tend to make people purchase more than the originally intended.

As one can see from the above that if the customer can avoid the above mistakes than the whole experience of online shopping can be a great one and satisfying one and not that of disappointment as far as the customer is concerned.


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