Spend or Save

Spend or save is a question which many people have because there is always a dilemma whether one should spend the money which he or she has earned now or save that money for the future. Well there is no simple answer to that question as different people have different objectives in their life and that is the reason some people tend to save all the money while some tend to spend all the money earned.

Who spend the money?

People who spend all the money are those who do not care about the future, the only thing which is important for them is to enjoy their life, so for example if they will like a particular car, mobile or laptop they will just buy it without giving it a thought as for them their priority is to fulfill that want of theirs and not to think about future. Persons who have got their first job or bachelors fall under this category.

Who save the money?

Saving is an important aspect of anybody’s life as saving helps an individual during trying times and that is the reason why of majority of people save the money for the future. Individuals who save the money are the ones who have control over their spending and they would not buy anything on impulse, rather they would delay their purchasing decision so that they can save the money and when they enough savings then they would buy that thing which they had not purchased earlier. Individuals who have responsibility on them of their family fall under this category.

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