What is Unsecured Credit Card

A credit card is a plastic card which enables the buyer of a good or service to buy them now and pay for it later. Banks all over the world provides this facility of credit card to their customers. An unsecured credit card is one which is issued without any security from the customers; it is generally issued to those customers who have good credit history.

The limit which is given on unsecured credit card depends on the customer to which it is being issued. Unsecured credit card has the advantage that a person who has unsecured credit card has to pay fewer charges when it comes to interest rate and upfront fees, unlike normal credit card which has higher interest rate charges. However unsecured credit cards are given only to select customers who have excellent credit rating which is decided by the bank on certain fixed parameters which differs from one bank to another. Unsecured credit cards are prevalent in western countries like USA and UK and are not popular in other parts of world.

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