Why Finance after Engineering

Finance as an option for students who have completed their engineering degree has gained significant importance in the past few years and majority of students who are pursuing engineering degree go for finance after completion of their engineering degree. Finance after engineering can be compared with 2 and 4 wheeler just as four wheeler vehicles are comfortable on highways while 2 wheeler is much more comfortable in dense and congested city area, in the same way finance and engineering are useful and comfortable for an individual in different stages of the career. Given below are some more reasons due to which engineering students go for finance –

  1. The first and foremost reason for opting finance subject after engineering is that majority of students wants to enhance and diversify their knowledge base and finance gives them that opportunity as in today’s competitive world many companies want to employ people having dual degrees or specialization and engineering along with finance is preferred by both domestic and multinational companies.
  2. Another reason for opting finance after engineering is that since in engineering there is a good amount of mathematical and analytical problems and if an individual opts for finance after completing engineering than he or she will learn finance more quickly than others because finance also has good amount of analytical and mathematical course and problems.
  3. In engineering students are taught theoretical and practical problems but they are never taught soft skills like communication, team work, interpersonal relationship etc.., which when it comes to companies hiring individuals plays major part and engineering student doing MBA in finance will be able to learn all the above soft skills along with finance which in turn will help him or her in racing ahead of its peers as soft skills along with technical skills are the two pillars on which an individual can stand and be successful when it comes to corporate world.
  4. When one completes his or her engineering the average age of completing it is between 22 to 24 years and since it is quite young age an individual is much likely to complete finance degree immediately after doing engineering rather than pursuing it at late age of 30 to 35 years because at young age there is flow and not much distractions or responsibilities which are present at later age due to marriage, children’s and so on.
  5. Money is another big reason behind people doing MBA after engineering because in today’s world everyone wants to make money and few concentrate on innovation which engineers can do but due to money factor instead of going to research and development jobs people prefer to do MBA and go towards white collared jobs.

As one can see from the above that finance or MBA after engineering has many reasons and that is the reason why there has been a tremendous surge in colleges offering the dual degree of engineering as well as MBA.


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