Why Money is Not Important

You must be thinking that how money cannot be important, because anybody who says that money is not important is considered as lunatic because it is the money which helps us in buying all the things from basic needs like food to luxury items like cars. Than the question arises why money is not important well it can be answered with the given below example.

Suppose an earthquake hits your city and all things turn into debris, then even if you have million dollars then also you will not be able to get basic amenities like water or food because at that time it is not the money which people want but they want basic amenities like food water and shelter. So at that time person who has all these things is wealthier than you. The reason behind giving the above example was to highlight the importance of goods and services as opposed to money. People always run behind money and when they get money they use that money for buying goods and services so the real thing is the goods and services or for that matter anything which money help us buying.

It is not that money is nothing and holds no importance, money will always be important because of the many functions which money performs, but to assign money too much importance is the fallacy which people should avoid.

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